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ESSSR releases its two-year period report

The two-year period report of the European School of Sustainability Science and Research – ESSSR – will give you an overview of all the operations of ESSSR network beginning from September 2018 and ending with September 2020. The network started with a small team of 12 founding members but has managed to grow to a powerful European consortium consisting of 54 members presenting various higher education institutions. The European School of Sustainability Science and Research, which is built of total of 19 European countries to date, focuses its activity on sustainable science, sustainable research and sustainable teaching. The ESSSR team has organized a large number of scientific events, and its members produced an impressive amount of publications published in peer-reviewed journals and books. ESSSR also runs a dedicated PhD programme, and is developing a new Master’s programme, which is expected to be implemented in the near future.

For more details, download the report: