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Sustainable Futures: Call for ideas!

Our European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR) and the International Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP) are working on a ground-breaking publication on “sustainable futures” with one of the world´s leading publishers. In the spirit of co-generation, we would like to involve suitable colleagues:

We are now seeking suggestions on matters related to a long-term sustainability perspective, with a time horizon until 2050. Basically, what we are looking at are themes which you feel will be important in the future, and to which you could be prepared to write about, as an author or as authors´ teams, sharing your views and perspectives with a world audience. Colleagues from all fields, e.g. social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, the arts, languages etc. are invited to contribute. For example, some themes we will tackle in this new publication are:

  • Fair and sustainable energy for all
  • Using digital transformation in sustainability strategies and mechanisms
  • Geographical information systems and regional development strategies
  • Circularity in the built-environment: linking theory and practice
  • Sharing economy as a catalyst for sustainable growth
  • Internet of things: potentialities for sustainable growth
  • Catalyzing a science-based ecosystems restoration movement
  • Ecological conditions for sustainable cities
  • Tackling the climate emergency via sustainability approaches
  • and many more!

We are thus inviting individual authors, or authors´ teams, to share with us a possible theme related to future sustainability, which you could write on. We would need the following details:

  1. Sustainable Future Theme:
  2. Name of the author(s):
  3. Contact e-mail of the author(s):
  4. Two lines summary (what the topic is, and what the paper will be about):

Once we hear from you, we will send you an immediate feedback about the suitability, and advise on next steps. You will be linking up with the leading sustainability experts in the world, in an exciting intellectual challenge, which will be important to your current and future career prospects in a rapidly changing world. We look very forward to your responses, the deadline for sending your ideas is 30th October 2020. Please send your outlines to our colleagues from our sister programme: iusdrp( at )