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European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR)

What is the European School of Sustainability Science and Research?

ESSSR is an inter-university consortium composed by members which share an interest on sustainability science and on matters related to sustainable development. It is a key organization, filling in a gap in respect of the coordination of sustainability science teaching and research at European universities seen today.

European School of Sustainability Science and Research


The members benefit from a research infrastructure dedicated to advancing sustainability research in Europe. With over 70 members, ESSSR is the largest network on sustainability research in Europe. Since it was set-up in 2019, ESSSR has successfully secured a wide range of research projects, whose volume is in excess of Euro 20 million. Also, ESSSR members, together with members of its international twin, the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP), have published over 60 papers in high-calibre journals. Whereas a regular ESSSR membership is free of charge, a Premium Membership offers a set of advantages including exclusive academic trainings, waivers of project preparation costs and professional advice.

The mission of ESSSR

“To provide a framework upon which teaching and research within the remit of sustainability science may be further developed at European universities, by means of joint, digitally-oriented teaching programmes, research projects, PhD training and quality scientific publications to be published in high calibre journals”.

Types of membership:

There are currently two ways of becoming a member, the Regular ESSSR Members and the Premium ESSSR Members.

Regular ESSSR Members
  • News and internal communication of the network
  • Opportunities to engage in scientific research. See some of the papers published by the ESSSR team here
  • Participation in two member´s meetings conducted by the Head of the ESSSR, Prof. Dr. (mult.) Dr. h.c. (mult.) Walter Leal
  • Opportunity to share news from their institutions with other ESSSR members

Premium ESSSR Members
  • All benefits offered to regular ESSSR Members
  • No project preparation costs
  • Advice and support
  • Professional development
  • Increased public visibility
  • Priority Partner
  • Member-only discounts

Click here to see the detailed Benefits of Premium Membership

ESSSR Cooperation Partner

This network collaborates with the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education: