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Premium Membership

Over and above the conventional membership, ESSSR offers higher education institutions interested at and active on matters related to sustainable development, the opportunity to join ESSSR via a Premium Membership. Premium members will have:

  1. Status as a priority partner in the preparation of research projects and other project applications
  2. Status as a priority partner in participating in journal articles
  3. Status as a priority partner in the organisation of scientific events

Download the flyer with further information on Premium Membership.

Benefits of Premium Membership

NO PROJECT PREPARATION COSTS: Premium Members will be waived of the fees for project preparation and application bids. Up to two waivers can be redeemed per year. 

INCREASED PUBLIC VISIBILITY: Premium Members will have the exclusive opportunity to host events with the support of the ESSSR Staff,  increasing their visibility nationally and Europewide. 

ADVICE AND SUPPORT: Premium Members will have access to advice and the support of ESSSR Staff and network when it comes down to preparing projects, events and papers, during the Premium Members’ monthly meetings. 

PRIORITY PARTNER: Premium Members will be considered thematic leaders and priority partners in publications, exclusive hosting of expert conferences and European and international project bids.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Premium Members will have access to exclusive scientific and sustainability-related workshops, seminars, and mentoring sessions, to develop the skills of their staff. 

MEMBER-ONLY DISCOUNTS: Premium Members will enjoy two full waivers in registrations for ESSSR-related conferences, and 50% discount on additional registrations.

Annual Membership Fees

With an annual Premium Membership fee of Euro 2.000, all features listed above are covered.


To become a Premium Member, contact us at: ESSSR( at )