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The ESSSR is a worthy investment for a number of reasons:

  1. members can join efforts to perform works on sustainability in an integrated way and do not work alone.
  2. ESSSR supports the research strategies of member universities in four central areas: a internationalisation by being part of a strong European consortium, collaborating with many member universities;
  3. increase in the income from research projects by having qualitatively and quantitatively more projects on sustainability issues;
  4. training of more PhD students, by means of joint supervisions of more PhD theses and post-doctoral fellows, engaging interested professors from different Faculties;
  5. fosters technology transfer by bringing the results of scientific projects to use, supporting societal changes
  6. ESSSR equally fosters teaching (by digital means) and research, with contents which may be beneficial to many university studentsg) It enhances the image of the member universities as internationally-oriented research organisations, and markets them internationally as key players on the subject
  7. The new projects generated, automatically lead to additional income and overheads
  8. The investment needed is modest, with an office and contact person to serve as the link and coordinate the inputs of each member university.

Finally, being part of an institution such as ESSSR will assist members´efforts to access mainstream funding from research, being part of many other projects, hence increasing their presence in the international research arena.

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