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Ukraine Nature Network

Invitation to Join the “Ukraine Nature Network”

We would like to invite you to join a new network we are establishing, to be launched in June, titled “Ukraine Nature Network”.

This follows up
our project Ukraine Nature:
Participation in the network is free of charges, so there are no costs to you. It offers the members of the Ukraine Nature Network” the following advantages:

1. access to the “Ukraine Nature Network” platform, to be used by universities, NGOs, foundations, the private sector, as well as persons interested on information on environmental issues in Ukraine, especially
in the context of the war

2. access to information on current projects and initiatives in Ukraine in the field of environment, especially water, soil, forests and waste management

3. access to information on project calls, support to events and other funding opportunities

4. possibilities to get in touch with organisations in many countries interested to work in Ukraine on environmental issues

We hope you may be interested to join it. If so, please send Dr. Mariia Fedoruk mariia.fedoruk( at ) the following details:


She will send you  more details on how to join.

The ESSSR Team