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New Report: Universities Facing CC & Sustainability

Climate change and its consequences are among the greatest challenges facing the global community.
So far less discussed is the potential of universities worldwide to contribute to tackling this global
task, for example through research and technology development.

Moreover, as educational institutions, universities shape generations of students and thus indirectly
influence the basic attitudes and actions of tomorrow’s society – an aspect that is gaining in importance in view of the globally growing number of students. Therefore, it is important that they pay due attention to climate issues, ideally in research, teaching and in their operations, in an integrated way.

The report “Universities Facing Climate Change and Sustainability” shows that universities can already contribute to coping with climate change and and illustrates the challenges they face in doing so. To this end, the authors studied two universities each in seven countries: Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. These case studies illustrate the different regional  contexts of the universities, and how they are
trying to take climate change into account, also as part of their sustainability efforts. The experience
gathered in the report may be useful to universities undertaking efforts to better take climate issues
into consideration, as part of their operations.

The study can be downloaded here.

Citation: McCowan, T., Leal Filho,W., Brandli, L. (Eds) (2021). Universities facing Climate Change and Sustainability. Global University Leaders Council Hamburg & Körber-Stiftung, Hamburg, Germany