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Hamburg Sustainability Session #5: Hamburg meets São Paulo

On 20 July 2022, we have resumed our event series. This session focused on sustainability leadership, more specifically on the question “which qualities make up a true sustainability leader?”

As the Agenda 2030 calls for more sustainable actions, institutions not only need to re-think their business model, but also their way of leading this change. In this process, the term “sustainability leadership” has become more and more important. This term generally refers to an individual who supports sustainability innovation or inspires others to act towards a more sustainability-oriented world.

There is a growing discussion on the set of knowledge, competencies, attitudes, behaviours and values that leaders must have to support organisations and the society in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability leaders are expected to be well-versed in communicating vision, long-term thinking, managing complexity, and innovativeness. On top of that, certain traits, such as kindness, moral drive and an altruistic, visionary style are important for leaders to empower people towards their organisation’s vision of sustainable development.

Below you can download the event flyer and the presentations by the speakers:

  • João Eustachio, Research Associate at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences;
  • Gustavo Fructuozo Loiola, Program Manager at UN PRME (presentation to be uploaded);
  • Orlando Nastri Neto, ESG Manager at Citrosuco.